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James Anderson

James Anderson, a member of Grace Downtown of Winchester, has been the Board President since 2013. James, a 1999 graduate of James Wood High School, volunteered with the Highland Food Pantry in Winchester, Virginia from 2015-2019.

Mr. Anderson currently volunteers at the Rescue Mission as a Technology Assistant. In addition, James has countless partnerships and alliances with others in the community.

James’ relationship with his own Father was challenging. James prescribes to several beliefs to include, “God can use you” and “You are not inferior”.

James and his wife, Aimee, reside in Frederick County, Virginia, and they have one daughter, Caroline, age 2.


Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed., a conglomerate, is devoted to a reformative collective effort to allocate holistic wellness and educational resources. Christine’s life purpose entails a paradigm shift in consciousness for the expansion of analeptic health.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, Founder of STREST™, established in 2013, whereby clients are served and supported as they embark on an introspective journey to reflect, heal, and integrate mind, body, and soul. STREST™ offers stress, loss, and trauma reduction services without diagnosis through Applied Metapsychology (AMP), Mind Strategy, Energy Therapy, and Intuitive Guidance. Distinct and individualized session offerings include Life Purpose, Life Stress Reduction, Mind Strategy for Athletes, Mind Strategy for Weight Loss, Movement Telesis, Oracle, Reiki, Rapid Memory Healing and Traumatic Incident Reduction.

Christine procured a Masters in Education, M.Ed., in Community Agency Counseling and earned a Certificate in Positive Leadership from George Mason University. Christine holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Radford University. As a Supreme Court of Virginia Certified Mediator, #2487, Christine accepts referrals from General District Court throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Christine secured her Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA) and has preserved the classification for over ten years.

Executive Director of Huckleberry Alliance, Incorporated™, Christine, a champion for the fatherless, an unbridled coterie, works in tandem with Loudoun Valley High School and the Frederick County, Virginia Educational Foundation to grant educational scholarships to high school seniors who have persevered through adversity.

Ms. Langley-Obaugh, CEO of OLIO Enterprises, is researching the development of a healing and balancing device. The design will encompass the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the Projection Effect, and the Absorption Effect. To follow her progress, like the following Facebook page:

Christine, a motivational speaker, founded White Fire Company 11, LLC to share her experience relative to group narcissism and workplace toxicity among two government agencies within the State of Virginia. The website for White Fire Company 11 is:

CEO and Founder of W8S & MZRS, Christine has established a corporation focused on antediluvian proposals for holistic health and wholeness.

OAu1, Inc., a corporation formed to recreate combines for baseball, basketball, and football contenders, is committed to the allotment of second chances for athletes. OAu1, Inc. will be gifted to Drew Franchok, featured in Tim Green’s New Kid as the Ace Pitcher, upon college graduation with his Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Drew, Christine’s son, former American Legion MVP (.466) and two-time Virginia State Champion, a left-handed pitcher, center fielder and first baseman, is a type 1 diabetic and overcomer. The OAu1 website is currently under development:

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed. designed the retro-graff, a visual mechanism, constructed to display a framework to examine relative to negatively charged experiences in depicted time intervals. Information can be obtained by visiting:

The Rectification Continuum validates the achievement of conscious awareness through evolutionary integers. The continuum highlights stages based on the following:Connection, Intention, Entanglement, and Impact. For additional information on the Rectification Continuum:

Christine dispenses educational wisdom through an established blog. Blog posts are accessible via the following link:

Christine’s construct of the Mystery of Faith can be acquired via:

For more information in connection with Huckleberry Alliance, Inc.™, a non-profit organization for the fatherless, please visit

An overcomer, Christine, with God’s orchestration, devises original perspectives to initiate resolve to disentangled societal repetition no longer in alignment with our awakening existence.

board member

Vicki Lewis

Vicki Lewis is an English Language Learner Teacher at Bass-Hoover Elementary School and has held the title of educator in the Frederick County Public School System for twenty-seven years. Vicki graduated from Shepherd University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education.

Vicki holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Shenandoah University. Vicki Lewis is a Bright Futures liaison at Bass-Hoover, a former Just Say No Sponsor and English Learners (EL) Afterschool Program Leader. In 2004, Vicki Lewis was awarded Teacher of the Year at Redbud Run Elementary School. In 2017, Ms. Lewis received the Winchester Hiram Number 21 Masonic Lodge Community Builder Award and Cornerstone Award. Vicki, a current member of Macedonia United Methodist Church, has held several Board positions to include Preschool Board Member (past) and Staff and Parish Relations Board Member (present). Vicki resides in Stephens City with her two sons, Luke and Logan.

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